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What’s a “scuddles”? who are you? What is this place?

Who Am I? Great Question disembodied narrative device! Who are any of us, really? Depending on your subscription to reality, then I’m scuddles! aka Lola Lightningbolt. I’m a Twenty-Something Year Old Transgirl and Artist from Las Vegas. Welcome to scuddlicious, a place for me to showcase my myriad of artistic exploits in whatever medium they happen to take on at this particular moment in time/space.

I primarily paint digitally these days (Photoshop/Krita), but in the past and on modern occasions I also make Animated Cartoons, Flash Games, Web Comics, and I’ve recently started dabbling in Music Production.

Scuddlicious (formerly scuddlecon) has existed in numerous forms for over a decade, most lost to time and circumstance. But that’s okay, I’m back! and pretty much everything from the last 8 Years is here (or in the process of getting here) So stick around and have a looksie. I hope you’ll find yourself becoming a fan. u_u

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